What is CS: GO Minigames server, game and fanatic?

To play on CS: GO Minigames server it is enough to have skills in Bunnyhop, and klimbing, that is to be able to do “jumping” and “climbing” on all sorts of walls and protrusions. Let’s look at a few video clips where it is presented in a more pronounced form.

Next, you do not particularly need to have a good aim, that is, aiming at enemies. It is enough just to play and enjoy, except for cards where you need to pass cards for a while, by the way, records on our servers can be found by the command ! Records in the chat

Next, to play on the server of mini-games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it is necessary, or it is desirable to actively participate in various events that the servers spend to receive buns in the inner-game store ! Shop! Store one of the two , in which you will have PP (Pezy Points) – game points for which you can buy various items on the server, from auras, to gloves, and hands.