FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to make our project better?

You can support the project in various ways, one of them:

  1. Invite your friends to play with us.
  2. Be active on the site, get buns.
  3. Make a donation (plays a big role in the life of the project) .
  4. Subscribe to vk.com/pezyru

Donations are made in various ways. Even 100 rubles play a crucial role.

You can transfer money through QIWI to the project’s piggy bank by following the link: www.qiwi.me/neatek

How to register NO_STEAM to players?

Very simple and easy! Create an account on Steam (I think you know how and where to do it), then just log on to the site through Steam. And you can participate in the life of the game project on the site. Welcome.

Where are the money spent and what is it?

The money basically goes to the maintenance of the platform, it’s a site, a server and so on, and also to develop new chips for our game servers, which in their role are very unique on the whole Internet and this you will not find anywhere else. We try to maintain the quality of servers and do not litter them with numerous low-quality messages, try to keep the bar, make the gameplay on the servers interesting so that we need to achieve something and earn all the buns that we created. Also, money is spent on making backup copies of the entire system so that in the event of attacks, or hacking, everything can be restored quickly and without problems.

Why is the project called PEZY?

It’s very simple, the project was named after the famous phrase “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy”.

We felt that this phrase is quite popular in CS, also sometimes pronounced characters in the game, so they took the phrase and shortened it to “pezy,” a short name that is well remembered, and one does not need to remember its eternity. And also very quickly you can get to our site by typing only 4 letters – pezy.ru

Is it planned to close the project, as it was with Neatek?

No, if we have enough, and there are enough administrators to pay for the server, then this is not necessary, and it is unlikely that this will happen again, besides the development of the entire site and plug-ins and other things is now on the MVC (Model View Controller), which allows for high-quality development and save it all in project repositories like Github or Bitbucket and then you can quickly deploy it again. And recover all the data of the players accumulated over the years.