Buy admin rights - become admin

Main info

If you do not know your STEAM_ID, signin via Steam , it will automatically appear here

* The end of the admin area can be displayed as you like, but at least 1 month (the amount is lower, multiplied by months, days)

* Immunity, this is something that will not allow other administrators to "work" for you, that is, immunity from the actions of other administrators.
5 Immunity - 0rubles. For each next level of 10 rubles.


Reserved access for slots (10p)

Kick other players (20p)

Ban other players (30p)

Kill other players (50p)

Change map (30p)

Privileges in the chat (50p)

Ability to create votes (30p)

Unknown flag "o"

Unknown flag "p"

Unknown flag "q"

Full access to the "z" server access (no flags are required above)

Summary cost : ??? rubles (Per day - ???rubles)
Total days : ???

* If you are authorized and your balance has funds for payment - Payment will be made by money from your personal cabinet, if there is no money in your account, you will be redirected to payment.

By clicking on "Pay" you agree with ToS.